how to lose arm fat overnight | 5+ Best Way lose fat

how to lose arm fat overnight of flabby arms in one-week arm fat is one of the most troublesome types of fat often lingering even after you’ve slimmed down.

it doesn’t let you wear clothes that reveal too much it can make you self-conscious and that won’t do it’s time to act in this Post

you’ll find the most effective but also simple exercises fat loss that will help you tone your arm muscles and eliminate that nasty layer of fat that covers them naturally.

This won’t happen overnight but if you stick to your training routine you’ll see amazing results pretty quickly but before you change into your gym gear.

  1. Criss-Cross Exercise
  2. Hands Up Hands Down Exercise
  3. Pushus Exercise
  4. Arm Circles Exercise
  5. Plank Exercise
  6. Overhead Bends Exercise

1: Criss-Cross Exercise

⦁ Stand straight and lift your arms so that they’re positioned at shoulder height your feet should be slightly apart.
⦁ Stretch your arms to the sides and then move them in a criss-cross pattern, imitating the movements of a pair of scissors.
⦁ Your right arm should overlap your left one in front of you.
⦁ During your next move, your left arm should go over your right one.

Criss-Cross Exercise

Repeat this exercise approximately 20 times Don’t lower your arms even if they start to hurt rest for 15 to 20 seconds.
This exercise is not only effective but also pretty exciting due to its cardio effect at high speed the scissors exercise is perfect.
warm-up it heats up your body and increases your heart rate

2: Hands Up Hands Down Exercise

⦁ Stand straight with your feet slightly apart
⦁ Slowly lift your hands up into the air and then bring them down
⦁ After some time start to increase the speed
⦁ Repeat these movements for about 30 seconds

Hands Up Hands Down Exercise

Try to be as fast as possible but don’t get over-enthusiastic you don’t want to injure yourself let your arms rest for 10 seconds relax your hand’s arms and shoulders are you ready for one more set then go.

This is a simple exercise that’s fun to do but at the same time it works your whole arm it taunts the muscles which makes your arms look slimmer wall.

3: Pushups Exercise

Pushups exercise to perform this exercise you’ll need a wall but that shouldn’t be a problem right hey you can always borrow your neighbor’s wall they won’t mind now .

⦁ Stand straight facing the wall
⦁ Place your hands on the wall your arms should be extended
⦁ Push your whole body towards the wall and brace yourself with the help of your arms
⦁ Stay in this position for a short while
⦁ After that force your arm muscles to return your body to the starting position
⦁ repeat these movements for about 30 seconds

Pushups Exercise

Repeat this 20 times think about how lucky you are that you don’t have to do a standard push-up exercise which is a nightmare for any beginner this push-up variation is much easier

Then a standard one but it’s still pretty effective now move to the starting position facing the all and repeat these movements for about 30 seconds.

4: Arm Circles Exercise

Arm Circles exercise if you want to make your arm workout even more exciting include the arm circles exercise.

⦁ Stand up straight your feet should be slightly apart
⦁ Your arms should be stretched out to the sides and lifted the shoulder height
⦁ Begin to do circular movements with your arms first clockwise and then counterclockwise
⦁ Repeat these movements for about 30 seconds.

Arm Circles Exercise

Repeat this motion 20 times 10 clockwise, and 10 counterclockwise relax your arms shake them a bit and let them rest for 10 seconds.

If you feel like making this exercise more difficult try bigger circular arm movements you’ll immediately feel more pressure.

5: Plank Exercise

Plank Exercise this exercise isn’t a walk in the park or even no walk on the plank me Hardy however you don’t need to hold the plank position for hours let’s start with something simple.

⦁ Lie on the floor if you have a yoga mat it’s a good idea to use it.
⦁ Flex your elbows and prop up the upper part of your body your lower body should be supported by your toes.

stay in this position for 15 seconds remember that your back should be perfectly straight great job

⦁ Now you can lie down and relax for 10 seconds resume the plank position.
⦁ And again hold it for 15 seconds.

 Plank Exercise

This exercise has several benefits, first of all, it strengthens your arms and removes the useless layer of fat covering them secondly a plank is also really effective for your legs and the whole core of show your abs.

6: Overhead Bends Exercise

⦁ Stand straight with your feet apart
⦁ You can either ball your hands into fists or take a towel in your hands and stretch it over your head
⦁ Bend to the right with your arms outstretched over your head
⦁ Return to the initial position
⦁ Now bend to the left with your arms
⦁ Still outstretched over your head
⦁ Repeat these movements for about 30 seconds

Overhead Bends Exercise

Repeat this movement 20 times be careful not to pull a muscle don’t hurry you have enough time rest in the standing position for about 10 seconds do one

This exercise has a double benefit belly fat loss and back fat loss.

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